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Responsible for dangerous package certificate / Classification society / Pot inspection certificate

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  The full name of the dangerous package certificate is the "Outbound Dangerous Goods Transport Packaging Use Identification Result Sheet", referred to as the "dangerous package certificate", which is an authoritative certification document for dangerous goods packaging.

  For the export of dangerous goods, the state stipulates that the packaging used to load the exported dangerous goods must be submitted by the packaging manufacturer to the inspection and quarantine machine for performance appraisal of the packaging container, and the “Outbound Dangerous Goods Transport Packaging Performance Appraisal Result Sheet”, referred to as “performance single". Enterprises that produce dangerous goods for export must appraise the use of packaging containers with inspection and quarantine institutions, and issue the "Outbound Dangerous Goods Transport Packaging Use Appraisal Result Sheet", referred to as "dangerous package certificate." Dangerous goods must be provided with a dangerous package certificate and other relevant information to the Maritime Safety Administration and the Port Authority for dangerous goods declaration before the ship sails. Dangerous freight without a dangerous package certificate (or other equivalent packaging certificate) is prohibited for export.

  However, due to the increasingly strict supervision of relevant departments and the special circumstances of some factories, many enterprises are unable to properly handle dangerous package certificates, which has greatly affected the export of dangerous goods. In response to this situation, our company cooperates with warehouses with commodity inspection qualifications supervised by Shanghai Customs to provide warehousing of 2-9 types of dangerous goods, change UN packaging, labeling, take pictures, make appointments for commodity inspection teachers to enter the warehouse for inspection, and issue certificates in about a week. .

  At the same time, our company can provide UN packaging such as UN cardboard boxes, UN wooden boxes, UN steel barrels, UN plastic barrels, UN woven bags, etc., and perform performance orders; IMI dangerous goods classification and identification reports for Shanghai Commodity Inspection Bureau and Changzhou Chemical Industry Institute; IBC barrels Certificates of classification societies such as ISO and small tanks such as small tanks; Cylinder certificates for type 2 cylinder packaging (also known as pot inspection certificates); Restriction declaration for dangerous goods that meet the requirements of limited packaging; Acting for batteries and battery-equipped equipment And vehicle filing and declaration services.