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Dangerous Goods Door Point Trailer

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  Our company has a fleet that has long been engaged in domestic transportation of dangerous goods. More than 100 self-operated and associated dangerous goods vehicles, with qualifications for entering the port and entering dangerous warehouses, are mainly domestic door-to-door trucks for category 2-9 dangerous goods, imported door-to-door trucks, and Shanghai to the country Cargo transportation and less-than-truckload bulk transportation from China to Shanghai. Can handle all types of dangerous goods transportation except Class 1 and 7 dangerous goods, including 2.3 and 6.1 dangerous drugs, dangerous goods freezer (with built-in generator), dump truck transportation of dangerous goods, air suspension Gooseneck low flat dangerous goods container truck transportation, bonded area customs supervision of dangerous goods truck and bulk truck transportation.

  All drivers of the fleet have at least 5 years of driving experience in dangerous goods vehicles. Each dangerous goods vehicle is equipped with 2 drivers and 1 escort to work alternately. The vehicle is equipped with a GPS positioning system to ensure that each dangerous goods vehicle is in Safe and monitorable status. The vehicle camp has a vehicle repair and maintenance center. Each dangerous goods vehicle must undergo strict inspection and testing before it goes on the road to ensure the safety and reliability of each trip.