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  Shanghai SunGreen International Logistics Co., Ltd. cooperates with a number of ISO TANK tank owners around the world. Relying on a strong overseas agency network, we provide customers with a competitive international logistics service solution with diversified ISO TANK. Standard tanks such as T75 and T75, as well as special tanks such as BAFFLE tanks, SWAP tanks, gas tanks, low temperature storage tanks, LNG liquefied gas tanks, etc., are good at handling ISO TANK import and export international transportation including liquid chemicals and dangerous goods, customs clearance abroad , Door-to-door delivery, tank cleaning, tank heating, tank maintenance, and separate declaration of tanks and goods, such as temporary import and export, such as first-out, last-in, first-in, last-out, etc.

T11 standard tank
Type 2 gas tank
BAFFLE bulk tank

SWAP super large volume tank
Cryogenic storage tank
LNG Liquefied Gas Tank

  * Introduction to ISO TANK

  ISO TANK is also known as "tank container", "international standard container tank", and "tank container". Tank Container (Tank Container) is a stainless steel container with an external frame of a 20-foot international standard container. The inner tank of the tank is made of 316L stainless steel. The overall dimensions and storage method of the full container are completely equivalent to the 20-foot international standard container. , The outer frame is a standard 20-foot container size. ISO TANK is suitable for domestic and international road, rail, water transportation and multimodal transport.

  * ISO TANK fit products:

  Food: Edible, pharmaceutical-grade alcohol, fructose syrup, sorbitol, vitamin E oil, concentrated apple juice

  Grape juice, etc.

  General liquid chemical products with high requirements on product quality: such as transformer oil, caprolactam, lubrication, etc.

  Dangerous liquid chemicals:

  Class 3 flammable liquids: dimethyl carbonate, acetonitrile, isopropanol, etc .;

  Category 5 peroxides: hydrogen peroxide, etc .;

  6 types of toxic substances: acrylonitrile, toluene diisocyanate (TDI), etc .;

  8 types of corrosion products: phosphorus trioxide, phosphorus trichloride, etc .;

  9 other dangerous goods

  * ISO TANK advantages:

  Reduce costs

  A 20-foot ISO TANK can carry 45% more liquid cargo than a 20-foot standard shipping container full of drums, which means "more shipments at the same freight rate", thereby reducing the land and sea freight costs per unit of cargo. In addition, the use of tanks can save the purchase and disposal costs of drums. These are two direct cost savings in transportation. ISO TANK can be used repeatedly repeatedly for a long time, and can choose direct purchase, long-term lease or single lease according to the volume requirements and shipping frequency.

  2. Simplify the loading and unloading process

  The use of ISO TANK does not require expensive and time-consuming barrel filling processes, nor does it cost the purchase, operation and disposal of barrels. Compared with barrel transportation, the chance of contamination of the cargo and waste and loss caused by the residual cargo in the barrel after unloading the small barrel are further reduced.

  3. Increase security

  ISO TANK transportation is recognized as the safest chemical transportation method. Distributing chemicals to other parts of the world is less likely to leak than other methods.

  4. More conducive to environmental protection

  Increasingly unacceptable is the practice of polluting the environment. And ISO TANK transportation does not have the problem of cargo runaway and barrel unloading, which will not cause environmental pollution at all. In view of this, Europe and the United States and other countries have promulgated relevant laws requiring that certain goods must be transported using ISO TANK, and restrictions on the use of barrel transportation.

  * Comparison of ISO TANK and traditional liquid transportation


  1. Convenient loading and unloading, can provide door-to-door transportation services, can be used for highway, railway, waterway and other multimodal transport.

  2. A wide range of chemicals can be shipped.

  3. Convenient transshipment, with more flexible transshipment routes, suitable for multimodal transport.

  Tank truck

  1. Convenient loading and unloading, can provide door-to-door transportation, fast delivery speed.

  2. The types of suitable chemicals are relatively single.

  3. It can only be transported on the road, it cannot be transferred flexibly, and it cannot be used for multimodal transport.