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Air transport of dangerous goods

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  Our company is currently the booking agent of airlines such as CX, EY, CA, CK, TK, EK, etc., familiar with the information, requirements and restrictions of dangerous goods booking of major airlines, and save customers booking time with professional operations, Reduce booking costs. We can handle the international air transportation of dangerous goods of categories 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 and provide customers with professional, safe, fast and economical dangerous goods air transportation services. And relying on a strong and perfect overseas dangerous goods agency network and advanced scientific cargo tracking system, we provide customers with additional services such as foreign customs clearance, door-point trailers, DDU, DDP, warehousing management, and tallying.

  * For air transportation of dangerous goods, we can provide the following services:

  1. International courier service of dangerous goods samples and air parcel services, including identification report of cargo transportation conditions, air transport dangerous package certificate, replacement of UN packaging;

  2. For air transportation of lithium batteries, battery-equipped equipment and vehicles, batteries, dry batteries and other battery products, we will conduct lithium battery and freight-equipment shipment reports and UN38.3 test reports for battery vibration and compression. Poor, 55 ℃ leak test report;

  3. Air transportation of dangerous materials such as pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, pesticide raw materials, preparations, flavors and fragrances, ink coatings, fine chemicals, etc .;

  Various high-value dangerous goods cold chain packaging, storage, and air transportation, providing dry ice, ice packs, refrigeration equipment, and full-scale dangerous goods cold chain logistics services;

  4. Do the appraisal report of air cargo transportation conditions for authoritative institutions such as Shanghua Institute, DGM, Metrology Institute and Cigna;

  5. IMI report, air transport dangerous package certificate, performance sheet for the Commodity Inspection Bureau, providing UN models of various types and specifications of UN cartons, UN barrels, UN bottles and other UN packaging materials that meet IATA international air transport dangerous goods packaging requirements;

  6. Provide additional services such as warehouse change of packaging, tallying, labeling, checking, weighing, taking pictures, and supervising;

  7. Provide international logistics consulting and training services for the import and export of dangerous goods by air.

  *Our advantage:

  1. Very competitive price

  Our company is currently a booking agent for airlines such as CX, EY, CA, CK, TK, EK, etc., and has very competitive price advantages in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India and Pakistan, Europe and the United States and Canada. .

  2.Perfect global agency network

  Our company has many professional dangerous goods agents in major economic regions on all continents. Dangerous goods business covers major countries and cities around the world. It can provide customers with value-added services such as declaration of dangerous goods, import clearance, DDU, DDP, door trailers, and storage distribution. service.

  3.Provide limited inner packaging of dangerous goods

  For goods without performance sheet and dangerous package certificate, we can provide various inner packagings such as fluorinated bottles, metal bottles, and plastic bags in accordance with the IATA DGR rules. package.

  4. Accreditation Report

  Our company has VIP accounts of Shanghai Chemical Research Institute and Cigna, which can quickly help customers to process the identification report of the transportation conditions of hazardous chemicals.