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Dangerous goods export by sea, what you should pay attention to when booking

Source : Shanghai SunGreen|Release Time : 2020-03-25| Hits : Loading ...

  Recently, the epidemic situation abroad is severe, and the export of anti-epidemic materials such as alcohol disinfectants and masks will also be out of stock. As we all know, the dangerous goods are packed strictly in the process of exporting dangerous goods. However, not only the packing requires strict professionalism. Xin International Logistics, as an international freight forwarder for many years, has rich experience in the export of dangerous goods by sea, bringing you the precautions of booking and customs declaration during the export of dangerous goods by sea.

  (1) Provide instructions for dangerous goods

  Before the dangerous goods are exported by sea, provide the dangerous goods instructions to the freight forwarder (the dangerous goods description must include the Chinese and English product names, dangerous goods levels, dangerous regulations page, UN number), and the freight forwarder asks the customs whether the port accepts such dangerous goods (general professional Freight forwarders who undertake the export of dangerous goods do not need to inquire, because they know the shipping capacity of dangerous goods in each port.) If the port accepts such dangerous goods, it can proceed to arrange booking.

  2. Fill in the application form for registration and packaging appraisal of entry inspection and quarantine

  Before booking, you must fill in an entry-exit inspection and quarantine inspection unit registration application form and packaging identification application form. If the company is already registered at the entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau where the port is located, you do not need to complete an entry-exit inspection and quarantine inspection unit registration application form However, the official seal of our company must be stamped on the packaging appraisal application form, and the two documents should be handed over to the factory. The factory applies to the local commodity inspection bureau for packaging appraisal of dangerous goods by sea.

  Relevant documents are required for booking

  When booking, in addition to the normal documents, the following documents must be provided: the Chinese and English instructions for the dangerous goods (copies), the results of the use of dangerous goods packaging containers by sea, the results of the evaluation of the dangerous goods packaging containers by sea, (carton packaging) ) Note: Sometimes proof of packing is required.

  24. Booking of different dangerous goods separately

  If the dangerous goods are of different types when booking, the booking of dangerous goods must be handled separately according to the different dangerous characteristics of the ship, so that the shipper can isolate the dangerous goods with different characteristics in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Regulations. Separate the meteorites for export shipment of dangerous goods for safety.

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