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Which is good for dangerous goods shipping? Pay attention to these details

Source : Shanghai SunGreen|Release Time : 2020-03-25| Hits : Loading ...

  In logistics transportation, it is inevitable that some dangerous goods need to be imported and exported, such as lithium batteries, chemicals, battery cars, etc. There will also be many processes for shipping dangerous goods. The owner may find it cumbersome. Wait, then you might as well leave this to the freight forwarding company! Choosing a good freight forwarding company can bring you a lot of convenience. Shanghai SunGreen International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a provider of international logistics solutions such as dangerous goods shipping and air freight. Responsible for dangerous package certificates, classification societies, pot inspection certificates, etc.

  Which is good for dangerous goods shipping? There are several points to note! In choosing a freight forwarding company such as dangerous goods shipping, we must first choose a regular company. Those who have a small number of operating tickets, even the regular website, try to avoid it. At Shanghai SunGreen International Logistics, our team members have been engaged in the freight forwarding industry for more than ten years. After operating the 10,000-vote customer case, we can give you a variety of options and optimized solutions. And our Shanghai SunGreen has a complete qualification, a professional after-sales team, to track the transportation status for you in time, until the goods reach the destination safely and without errors, is our purpose.

  Which is good for dangerous goods shipping? We are booking agents for large shipping companies such as MSK, SAF, HPL, MSC, ONE, HMM, KMTC, etc., and they have great advantages in terms of price. At the same time, we also have dangerous goods inland points in Russia and Central Asia inland points. Intermodal services. We serve more than 3,000 customers in more than 18 subdivided hazardous chemicals industries, and have more than 50,000 votes of successful operations in more than 1,000 kinds of hazardous chemicals. Choosing a freight forwarding company is very important. We at Shanghai SunGreen International Logistics have the qualifications of a non-vessel carrier, first-class freight forwarder qualification, China Maritime Safety Agency's dangerous goods declaration officer qualification, Shanghai Emergency Management Agency's hazardous chemicals business license, etc. With the aim of providing customers with assured and assured services, we are serious about freight forwarding! In addition to these, we comprehensively cover the potential problems and risks that the goods may encounter in all aspects of international logistics, such as additional costs and liabilities caused by additional reasons such as lost and damaged goods, business interruption, general average, unattended pickup, and so on.

  Which is good for dangerous goods shipping? Shanghai SunGreen International Logistics is your good choice. We will serve you as always. If you have the needs of international transportation of hazardous chemicals, please call us for consultation!